What to Pack for Summer Camp

Packing for camp can be stressful because you’re always worried you’ll forget something essential. So, it’s important to create a list of all the must-have camp items to ensure that nothing is left behind. We’ve created the ultimate summer camp packing list so that you have all you need to have a care-free stay!

Camp Trunk


The most important piece of simmer camp luggage is the camp trunk. The perk of bringing a hard trunk to camp is that it can be used for storage or as an end of the bed table if you want somewhere to put your phone, glasses, and book, while you sleep. Give your trunk some flare by personalizing it with some fun stickers and you’ll be sure to stand out!



Shower Caddy


Going for a shower is practically its own event at summer camp. Limit the trips back and forth to your bunk by packing your hygiene essentials into a shower caddy. Stash your personal items into a personalized cosmetic bag to drop into said caddy and you’re all set!



Oilcloth Bag


You won’t regret bringing a large oilcloth bag with you to camp for the more adventurous and potentially messy outings. Oilcloth bags are waterproof, making them perfect for carrying a wet swimsuit or damp towel. Once you get back to your cabin you can easily rinse and repeat – and off you go to your next adventure!




Your personal items — a notebook for journaling or books to read during your downtime belong in your backpack. If your camp offers hiking, throw some snacks and water in and your ready to take on those trails!



Be sure to label everything before you leave home so you don’t have any mix-ups with other campers! If you’re just starting your packing journey and are in need of an oilcloth bag for your outdoor activities, feel free to pop on by and shop our numerous options at Sarahjanes Oilcloth. Happy packing!